Previous releases:
Jarnvidr- Ostrogothia, (compilation), tape, OSP001. *SOLD OUT*
Jarnvidr- Blodsåkrar, tape, OSP002. *SOLD OUT*
Jarnvidr- Landzplågor, tape, OSP003. *SOLD OUT*
Jarnvidr- Einsatzkommando (re-release), demo, tape, OSP004. *SOLD OUT*
Panphage/Jarnvidr- Göthalandom, tape, OSP005. *SOLD OUT*
Jarnvidr- Förqwäwd, tape, OSP006. *SOLD OUT*
Grafvölludr/Jarnvidr- :Av Germanskt Blod:, tape, OSP007. *OUT NOW*
Jarnvidr- Eeldzloghe, (EP), tape, FT29/OSP008 *OUT NOW*

Soon to come: (in winter/spring 2018)

Jarnvidr- Landzplågor, 12″ black vinyl, (Revelation ov Doom)
Strawaz- Svavelhimmel, MLP, 10″ vinyl (Darker Than Black)
Woldzverke- Dieffuulens Krijgzman, , full-lenght, 12″ vinyl and tape, (Darker Than Black)
Strawaz- Gudarnas Synnerliga Skänk, (EP), 7″ vinyl and tape, (Fallen Temple)


*The’s are just temporary and they are only for the tape versions. We will not print any vinyl release on the list except the Janvidr/Panphage split*

Other upcoming releases (no release date):

Jarnvidr/Panphage- Göthalandom, split, 12″, black and colored vinyls OSP009.
Strawaz- Nordgermansk Svartmetall, (EP), ?),
Jarnvidr- Verkanseld!, tape, (Sword Productions, Darker Than Black)
Svitjods Blod- Pestilenta Predikare , tape, (Ostrogothia Productions)
Jarnvidr- Eeldzloghe, 12″ white single sided,  (Revelation ov Doom)