24/1.2018. Welcome back to the Ostrogothia wolf’s lair

So, we have brought our art into another pathetic year,  i dont know if i could consider that to be a strong deed or a step in a wrong direct.  Anyway, time to release some new albums.

As it looks now, we have at least three vinyls, plus tape versions of them, ready to be sent to the factories. Im talking about these three releases:
1. Strawaz– Svavelhimmel, 10″ black vinyl. + tape

2. Woldzverke– Dieffuulens Krijgzman, 12″ black vinyl.+ tape

3. Jarnvidr/Panphage– Göthalandom, 12″ black + colored vinyls

4. Jarnvidr– Landzplågor,  12″ black vinyl.

Other releases to come:
5. Strawaz– Gudarnarnas Synnerliga Skänk, 7″ vinyl.+ tape
6. Strawaz- Nordgermansk Black Metal (re-recorded version)
7. Strawaz- Nordgermansk Black Metal (demo version) ONLY for sale as tape with wooden
8. Jarnvidr– Eeldzloghe, 12″ single sided white vinyl.

Upcoming recordings
9. Jarnvidr– Blosåkrar18 (a rerecorded version of the album from 2011)
10. Svitjods Blod– Pestilenta Predikare