19/12. 2017. Another year is coming to an end.

It seems that we wont release any more stuff this year, but sometime during the first months in 2018 we will have a couple of recordings ready to be released. For exemple we have a complete EP with Strawaz, and another recording with Strawaz which we consider to be a mini album (MLP).

When it comes to Woldzverke we have a full-lenght in progress. Right now the bass guitar plus leads are being recorded in the USA. This is the debut album from Woldzverke and it will be released as a 12″ and on tape.

Shirts and stuff are also coming this winter. There are also alot of other recordings we are waiting to get released, but right now we have decided to focus on Strawaz and Woldzverke for a while.

Thanks to all the supporters out there and watch out for backstabbers!!!