18/10. 2017. Another World of Violence and Art

The first demo of WOLDZVERKE is almost done, so why don’t give them order to make another one?!
Here are the titles (so far) of the demos that we are working with:
“Woldzverke- I, Offuerwold och Orett”
“Woldzverke- II, Dieffuulens Krijgzman och Knecht”

Meanwhile: beware of SVITJODS BLOD!! Prepare to GET YOUR SPIRITUAL BELIFS RAPED BY DEMONS (Katharsis)!!
No blastbeats or “black metal” TO BE FOUND , no political correctness AT ALL, no compromises in ANY FORM.

This is the first record on OSTROGOTHIA PRODUCTIONS with english titles and lyrics.
We always make a torch to light up untrodden paths (Marduk) for us to walk upon. When we have reached an end, we let the torch find the stream of BLACK WATER to be killed by its own knowledge, by its own hand.

We, the OSTROGOTHIA CULT have never revealed any “lineup” for any band, only participants on the actual recording. A person could be named “X” in the booklet, and the next day in another second recording, he could be named “XY”. When it comes to SVITJODS BLOD, one of the leaders of OSTROGOTHIA PROD. is leading this project. Nonetheless, he can introduce several other knights to join him on his journey through visions of war (Judas Iscariot). So, consider this band, to be one of those one man bands.

// For The Cult, Knight of the void; Svitjods Skallfogde!!!