09/10.2017. FUCK WULKANAZ

FUCK WULKANAZ/SEMILANCEATA/ETC. To keep it short: this fucking rat is hiding at least 500 km from us. His name is Magnus Eriksson, not some fucking “Wagner Ödegård”, and lives in Mora. WE will get you boy, sooner or later.
And mark my words you little faggot: many tend to have an attitude behind the screen. But i know how it sounds in the end.
Update. Magnus Eriksson gave me an adress, “Gesundavägen 131, a white house” in Mora so i could visit. When i searched on the web for this address i couldnt find any “Magnus” living in this house. So i tried to wrote to him on facebook about why he didnt have his official address “folkbokföring” in swedish, where he is actually living. I coulndt do that because he BLOCKED me on facebook!! That says it all. Men Magnus, vi kommer att hitta dig, Mora är inte så jävla stort…
/Stefan, on behalf of The Ostrogothia Crew