14/3. 2017. Upcoming tapes and bootlegs.

First of all, we consider the “release” of Göthalandom from A*tergap P*oductions to be a bootleg. These copies are totally useless in our eyes. The ONLY OFFICIAL release is the tape made by us. An official CD-version of this split will be printed. Send us your bootleg copy and you will get the official CD for free. Thereafter it will be burned.

Second, we have a couple of upcoming tapes. Most of them will be released in co-operation with VSM Recordings!

IF your copy isnt released by Fallen temple/Ostrogothia/Darker than black/Revelation ov Doom, well then you have a bootleg my friend. Due to forensic evidence and such, we cant give you more information about how we are going to straight out this little problem.
So, A.P wont sell anymore of this so called “release”.