20/4.2018. Scrolls from Beyond the Veils of Death; New Jarnvidr tracks!

A three track demo will be recorded during the fall of summer. Its title will be “Verkanseld!”, which also was the working title on a previous planned compilation tape. The cover may also be the same. No pro-tape edition is planned at the moment, just a fistfull of red, or black tapes with stickers, dubbed on a stereo of poor quality at my home. Single sided xeroxed cover too of course. Limited to 22 exemples. All music and lyrics written in 2018.

26/1.2018. Another fallen hero.

We do not offer the Landzplågor tape anymore since has been sold out. It was printed in the USA and released by the Californian label Fettered Redwoods in 125 pieces as a pro-tape.
The CD version from Fallen Temple is also sold out. So now we are waiting for a vinyl version of Jarnvidrs Landzplågor on a regular 12″ black vinyl, hopefully it will be released in the first half of 2018 by Revelation ov Doom.

So, you cant no longer by the album “Jarnvidr- Landzplågor” from us. Some other labels or distros may have it.
And by the way, this is my absolute favorite album made by us in Jarnvidr!!

/ Brukspatron L

24/1.2018. Welcome back to the Ostrogothia wolf’s lair

So, we have brought our art into another pathetic year,  i dont know if i could consider that to be a strong deed or a step in a wrong direct.  Anyway, time to release some new albums.

As it looks now, we have at least three vinyls, plus tape versions of them, ready to be sent to the factories. Im talking about these three releases:
1. Strawaz– Svavelhimmel, 10″ black vinyl. + tape

2. Woldzverke– Dieffuulens Krijgzman, 12″ black vinyl.+ tape

3. Jarnvidr/Panphage– Göthalandom, 12″ black + colored vinyls

4. Jarnvidr– Landzplågor,  12″ black vinyl.

Other releases to come:
5. Strawaz– Gudarnarnas Synnerliga Skänk, 7″ vinyl.+ tape
6. Strawaz- Nordgermansk Black Metal (re-recorded version)
7. Strawaz- Nordgermansk Black Metal (demo version) ONLY for sale as tape with wooden
8. Jarnvidr– Eeldzloghe, 12″ single sided white vinyl.

Upcoming recordings
9. Jarnvidr– Blosåkrar18 (a rerecorded version of the album from 2011)
10. Svitjods Blod– Pestilenta Predikare

19/12. 2017. Another year is coming to an end.

It seems that we wont release any more stuff this year, but sometime during the first months in 2018 we will have a couple of recordings ready to be released. For exemple we have a complete EP with Strawaz, and another recording with Strawaz which we consider to be a mini album (MLP).

When it comes to Woldzverke we have a full-lenght in progress. Right now the bass guitar plus leads are being recorded in the USA. This is the debut album from Woldzverke and it will be released as a 12″ and on tape.

Shirts and stuff are also coming this winter. There are also alot of other recordings we are waiting to get released, but right now we have decided to focus on Strawaz and Woldzverke for a while.

Thanks to all the supporters out there and watch out for backstabbers!!!

19/11. 2017. New tapes available.

Jarnvidr/Grafvölludr- Av Germanskt Blod, pro-tape. OSP007
Jarnvidr- Eeldzloghe, pro-tape. OSP008/FT29.

Price: 6 Eur each, 10 Eur for both.
Postage: 3 Eur WW for a single tape with case. 6 Eur for two. Tracking number costs extra.
To order: ostrogothia.productions(a)gmail.com
Payment: PayPal or IBAN/bank account

We also have a couple of vinyls left of both version for sale, 13 EUR for Eeldzloghe and 15 EUR for the split.

18/10. 2017. Another World of Violence and Art

The first demo of WOLDZVERKE is almost done, so why don’t give them order to make another one?!
Here are the titles (so far) of the demos that we are working with:
“Woldzverke- I, Offuerwold och Orett”
“Woldzverke- II, Dieffuulens Krijgzman och Knecht”

Meanwhile: beware of SVITJODS BLOD!! Prepare to GET YOUR SPIRITUAL BELIFS RAPED BY DEMONS (Katharsis)!!
No blastbeats or “black metal” TO BE FOUND , no political correctness AT ALL, no compromises in ANY FORM.

This is the first record on OSTROGOTHIA PRODUCTIONS with english titles and lyrics.
We always make a torch to light up untrodden paths (Marduk) for us to walk upon. When we have reached an end, we let the torch find the stream of BLACK WATER to be killed by its own knowledge, by its own hand.

We, the OSTROGOTHIA CULT have never revealed any “lineup” for any band, only participants on the actual recording. A person could be named “X” in the booklet, and the next day in another second recording, he could be named “XY”. When it comes to SVITJODS BLOD, one of the leaders of OSTROGOTHIA PROD. is leading this project. Nonetheless, he can introduce several other knights to join him on his journey through visions of war (Judas Iscariot). So, consider this band, to be one of those one man bands.

// For The Cult, Knight of the void; Svitjods Skallfogde!!!

17/10. 2017. Chaos Worship Creations join the forces of Ostrogothia Prod


It has never happened before and will probably NEVER happen again; we are expanding with support from an underground organization called Chaos Worship Creations. Like we have written on facebook: CWC will take care on the easy tasks at first to get chance to know how we work for a couple of months.

At the first of January, 2018, we will strike the swedish black metal scene with full force. No one will be safe.
We have an arsenal consisting of four bands, and we are still searching for new swedish bands all the time, but only a few of them are worthy to represent THE OSTROGOTHIA CULT.

These bands are;

09/10.2017. FUCK WULKANAZ

FUCK WULKANAZ/SEMILANCEATA/ETC. To keep it short: this fucking rat is hiding at least 500 km from us. His name is Magnus Eriksson, not some fucking “Wagner Ödegård”, and lives in Mora. WE will get you boy, sooner or later.
And mark my words you little faggot: many tend to have an attitude behind the screen. But i know how it sounds in the end.
Update. Magnus Eriksson gave me an adress, “Gesundavägen 131, a white house” in Mora so i could visit. When i searched on the web for this address i couldnt find any “Magnus” living in this house. So i tried to wrote to him on facebook about why he didnt have his official address “folkbokföring” in swedish, where he is actually living. I coulndt do that because he BLOCKED me on facebook!! That says it all. Men Magnus, vi kommer att hitta dig, Mora är inte så jävla stort…
/Stefan, on behalf of The Ostrogothia Crew